Our Members Handbook

Please take some time to read our members handbook:

Our handbook contains a lot of useful information and some of the things we expect from exchange members. It can also be printed out for those who have no access to our website.

Members Handbook – Download


Other Publications

No More Throw-away People: The Co-production Imperative

Timebanking and Co-production are explained in detail in Edgar’s book

In this book, founder of Time Dollars and time banking, Edgar Cahn describes what he calls Co-Production. The book comprises three parts. Part one charts the founding of Time Dollars and the discovery that it was more than just an alternative or complimentary currency. Part two looks at Co-Production in the light of both the market economy and the non-market economy. Part three looks at how Co-Production is working in a number of different situations in the real world.

No More Throw Away People’.


The LETSaholic Twist

This is a great publication by James Taris who is very involved with the L.E.T.S movement. We are not a L.E.T.S. scheme, but this is a great read and we can draw many parallels, and gain valuable guidance from reading this book.

The LETSaholic Twist- Download



More to follow…